Mass Update

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Mass Update

Clicking on the Mass Update icon MassUpdateButton opens the mass update feature, a tool that allows you to make changes to several different processes at once.

The tool updates information directly in the database. Any activities that are checked in to the database or that you have checked out may be updated. Local copies being worked on (still checked out) by another user will not be updated.

Information is added to the history of all processes modified so there is a record of what was updated (based on your entries).

A word of caution: there is no 'Undo' button, so make sure the changes are done correctly.

Global and Local Properties

Understanding the difference between global and local properties is important to understanding what fields can be edited during a mass update. A detailed explanation of global and local properties can be found in Editing the Process >> Global vs. Local Properties.

Creating a Mass Update

Creating a mass update is simple. Four tabs allow you to enter necessary information. In the first tab, Header, information about the update is entered, including an update name and description. In the second tab, Selection, the processes to be updated are specified. To find the correct processes, you can build your own search with the available parameters. The third tab, Change, is where you specify what it is you want to change in the selected processes. The fourth tab, Run, displays and summarizes all previously ran jobs, allows the user to finalize and undo jobs, and allows the user to queue their job. The Run tab provides the most oversighting information for previously ran jobs.


Save: Mass Updates can be saved so they may be run or re-run at a later date.

If you attempt to save an update with no title, you will be alerted and asked to provide a name before the save will take place.

Reset: The reset button clears the current mass update, allowing you to open or create another one.