Selection Tab

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Selection Tab

The Selection Tab is where the processes to be updated are chosen. Use the advanced search tool to build a custom search from the criteria you select. After the search, when processes have been selected, they are displayed in a list in this tab.

Selection Tab

Selection Tab

Information Displayed for Selected Activities:

Status: Whether the process is checked in or checked out. You can only update those that are checked in or checked out to your own username. You are not allowed to update activities checked out by another user.

ID: The ID of the activity. This is a global property.

Description: A description of the activity. This is a global property.

SeqNo: The sequence number. This is a local property. Therefore, an entry in this cell indicates that you have selected a 'local' copy of the activity; that is, it appears under some operation and the process mapping information is included. If this cell is blank, you have chosen a global copy of the activity.

Parent ID: The parent process. (This applies to local activities that have process mapping)

Work Zone: The work zone for an activity. This is a local property.

Group: The group of tasks to which the activity belongs. This is a local property.


To customize the Fields displayed:

Right-click within Selection window

Select Add/Remove Fields

Within the Add/Remove window, available fields are listed on the left

Expand the category to select individual fields

Once a field type is selected, click on Add and the selected field is displayed to the right

To remove a field from the display, select the field in the right window and click on Remove (default fields cannot be removed)

When all fields have been added, click on OK to return to the updated Selection screen

Adding and Removing Fields

Adding and Removing Fields



Search Control

The "Select" button brings up the advanced search form, displaying a custom search that is based on the criteria selected.

Advanced Search Form

Advanced Search Form

Search Criteria

To add or modify the search criteria, right-click inside the advanced search window and select 'Customize Criteria'. This will open the Add/Remove Fields window.

In the Add/Remove Fields window, the available fields are on the left. They are categorized by how the field relates to the activity. Categories include Global, Local, Time Estimation, Model Mapping, Option Mapping, Consumption. The individual fields can be seen by expanding the list below any of the field type titles—click on the + button to expand the lists. A list of available search criteria is found in a later section.

Customizing Criteria

Customizing Criteria

To move a desired field to the 'Selected Fields' column on the right, click on the field to highlight it. Then use the "Add" button to move it to the other side of the screen. If a field needs to be removed from the 'Selected Fields' column, select it and use the "Remove" button.

When the appropriate search criteria have been added, clicking the "OK" button will return you to the Advanced Search window.


Performing a Search

Enter parameters in as many or as few of the search criteria cells as you wish—only those with entries will be utilized when searching through the database. The percent sign (%) is a wildcard character which can be used in text-based cells.

If parameters are entered only in global activity property fields (e.g. description, Activity ID), only global activity entries will be returned.

If parameters are entered only in local activity property fields (e.g. Op Seq No) or a combination of global and local activity property fields, only local entries will be returned.

Clicking the "Search" button will execute the search. The qualifying activities will be displayed in a list on the bottom half of the advanced search form.

Selecting Activities for Update

Processes are selected for update after they are highlighted in the search results and the "Add Selection" or "Add All" buttons are used to add activities to the list in the main window of the Selection tab.

Add Buttons

Add Buttons

After adding the processes, they are shown in a sheet view that was previously blank. Options at the bottom right include Open Activity, Select (additional activities), Remove (highlighted activities), Remove All, and Refresh.

Process Options on Bottom-Right

Process Options on Bottom-Right