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Resource Header

Resource Header

Resource Header


Resource ID is the unique identifier of the resource as entered.

CheckedInLock This lock means that the resource is currently checked in to the database. No one is making modifications to it currently. If you want to make modifications to this resource, you must Check Out the resource.

Class: Resource Classes are user-created general categories describing groups of tools. If this particular resource is assigned to a class, the class name is displayed in the header.

Description: Any additional descriptive information is displayed here. The description can be edited when the component is checked out to you.

Modified On: The last date information about the resource was changed.

Modified By: The ID of the last user to change information about the resource.

Effectivity: The dates the resource is in use in the plant.

Disable Effectivity: allows this feature to be turned on or off.

From Date: The date the resource began being used (began being effective).

To Date: The date the resource will cease being used (will cease being effective).