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MTM-UAS is a time standard from the MTM organization that is used extensively in Europe. The detail level in the standard is mid-level; it is most applicable to process that last from one to five minutes.

Formal training on how to use this time standard is highly recommended. Courses and textbooks are available from the MTM organization at

MTM-UAS has a basic set of codes and a more advanced set that is referred to as the Standard Data Additions. MTM-UAS codes are included by default.

MTM-UAS Element Types

MTM-UAS has four element types

P (Process Time): Enter a quantity of TMU's in the Left Code field, or enter a time value followed by a dash and the time unit.

R (Retrieval): This is what you will use for all standard UAS Codes

L (Literal): This tells the calculator to ignore the line because it represents a comment


The Internal field for an element allows you to specify another element that this particular element is performed concurrently with. In this version, the Internal field is not implemented for MTM-UAS.

The Allowance% field allows you to specify an allowance for this specific element line.