Add a User (Admin Tools)

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Add a User (Admin Tools)

This section follows through on how to add users within the software. Creating users allows for personalized access and features unique to the user.

1.In order to manage and create users, go to Admin Tools and select the users icon AdminTools-UsersIcon*

 You need to be logged in as an administrator to add users or modify most user information. Any user can change their own password.

2.Click the Add button to add users to the system.


3.You need to provide a user name, full name, password, assign them a role, and assign them a default plant. The new user will be able to change their password later if they choose. You can leave the password blank as well.


4.Clicking OK adds the user to the system, and the new account will appear in the user editor.


The next step is to import templates for the plant.