Task Image

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Task Image

From a video, you can capture and store single image of each task observed in that video. Note: The study must contain at least one observation of the task before an image can be captured for that task.

To capture an image, play the video. When the video displays the image you would like to capture for the current task, click the Capture Image button. (You can do so when the video is playing or paused.) Continue playing the video until you have captured the desired image for each task. Once an image is captured, a thumbnail of it will be displayed in the appropriate cell. Double click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Note: The image is captured based on the current playback time of the selected video and which task was observed at that time. Only one image will be stored for each task; if there are multiple observations of the same task, or multiple images are taken for the same observations, the most recent one will be saved.

When your study is applied to the database, the images you have captured can be found in the Media tab of the activity to which they belong.