Sequence Planner Reports

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Sequence Planner Reports

Sequence Planner data can be displayed in several different reports.

Daily Labor By Worker: Graphs the total time worked at each station for the selected workday, visually displays the total time available in the workday, and reports productivity. An example of this report appears at the end of the section.

Daily Labor For Orders By Worker: Graphs the time spent on specific orders (by Unit Serial Number) in a given workday, broken down by workers (Stations). You can select the stations and orders that will be reported. The report also includes a table summarizing the visual data. The table includes the Operator ID, Description, Unit Serial Number, Model, and Time.

Operator Task List by Order: Compiles tasks required by the selected worker for any selected orders. Tasks for different Unit Serial Numbers are on different pages.

Operator Labor By Day: Graphs the amount of time worked per day for a given (user-selected) operator and displays the total time available during a workday. This graph is different from the Daily Labor By Worker graph because Operator Labor By Day reports only a single station and has the ability to report that one station over multiple days.

Average Labor By Worker: Select multiple days and the operators to be included in the report. The report shows a graph of the average labor time at each station, includes the amount of time available per day, and reports the average productivity and average time assigned per worker.

Assembly Labor Summary Report: Sums up the amount of labor spent on each Assembly for each order.

Station Unit Details Report: This report is generated for a specific station. The units appearing at the station for the selected day will be displayed by Order Number. The Labor Content and Start Time will be displayed for each unit. The Start Time is calculated using the Labor Content and any scheduled breaks. Note that the Station ID must be entered in the filter exactly as it appears in the Sequence Planner study.

Depending on the type of report selected, various options and combinations of options are available to customize the report.


For the Daily Labor reports, you can select which single day will be reported from a drop-down menu. For other reports, you can select multiple days to be reported using the checkboxes. For ease of selection, the section has both 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' commands.


For the Operator Task List or Operator Labor reports, you can select the single operator for the report from the drop-down menu. For other reports, you can select the operator or operators using the checkboxes. The section has both 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' commands.


For the reports that require order selection, you can do so with the checkboxes. The section has both 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' commands.