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The Containers Editor conted represents two main types of containers used to store and transport parts.

Containers are used for Kanban only. Within containers, two subcategories are used to organize and define containers.

 Container Class: Plastic, Wood, Metal, etc.

 Container Type: Tote, Pallet, Basket, etc.

Carts are devices used to deliver Kitted parts. Carts are grouped into types. Each Cart Type is typically mapped to one delivery location (station). The cart type is further classified as a single unit or multi unit cart (capacity of more than one i.e. holds parts for more than one unit). There can be many cart types mapped to a delivery location. A cart is a unique instance of a cart type. For example, the cart type H (designed to hold hydraulic pipes) is always delivered to the station installing hydraulics. There are 10 carts in circulation within the type H and each cart has a unique identifier tagged to it.

The following sections detail the fields within the Containers Editor corresponding to containers and carts.