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The Locations Editor locationed deals with the physical areas where parts are stored. The types of storage areas include work stations, docks, supermarkets, and warehouses. Racks that hold parts exist in each area.

Location Types

Work Stations are typically delivery/using locations for a kanban container or a kitted cart.

Supermarkets are typically source areas for kanban or kitted parts. Parts can be sent to the supermarket from another supermarket or a warehouse as kanban or part of a kit.

Warehouses are source areas for kitted or kanban parts. Parts can be sent to the warehouse from a dock.

Docks are initial delivery locations for all parts coming in.

Racks are line side devices that hold multiple part containers. The rack has a location mapped to it and a location can have multiple racks mapped to it. You can also define a sequence of racks within the location.

Route: Documentation will be coming soon.