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Component Header

Information in the header field includes:

Item ID: The ID of the part.

Revision: The current part revision.

Eng Status: The engineering status of the part, which can be either WIP (Work in Progress) or Released. For those using the optional Engineering Change Management System, the status is dependent on whether there is an open ECR (Engineering Change Request) for this part, which sets the status to WIP, or the corresponding ECO (Engineering Change Order) has come through, which changes the status to Released. The Change Management System is not available in the basic product. Please contact Proplanner for more information.

Mfg Status: The manufacturing status of the part is similar to the engineering status in that it can be either WIP or Released. If the part has an open ECR, the status is WIP. The only way to change the manufacturing status to Released is to have an issued MCO (Manufacturing Change Order).

Description: The description can be edited when the component is checked out to you.

Modified On: This field lists when the part was last modified.

Modified By: This field lists the user who last checked out this part for modification.

Is DFMEA Required: If the DFMEA associated with the component should be edited when the component is edited, the "Is DFMEA Required" checkbox can be checked as an internal reminder to edit the associated DFMEA.

Last Eng Chg#: This field displays the last ECO or ECR number that modified the component.

BOM View Filter: "Show All" will display all of the BOM; "Filter by As of Date" will only display the portions of the BOM applicable at the selected date.

Primary Routing: A part may be included in several routings; the header field displays the primary routing's number and description. To see all other routings consuming this part, see the Where Used tab.

Last Rev: Corresponds to the revision under the last engineering change.

Stocking Type: Indicates the type of item. Is commonly used within ERPs.

Component Header for Component LOS 2025 Revision D

Component Header for Component LOS 2025 Revision D