Add Activities to Operations

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Add Activities to Operations

This section follows on the addition of Activities to an Operation. Activities are generally tied to an operation and is the most specific in regards to what is done.

Note: If modifying an activitiy through mass update, or other means, you must specify the routing or operation as a criteria.

1.To add activities to operations, go to the Library and click on the Operation Editor OperationButton button.

2.Next, search for the operation the activities will be added to. Make sure the Plant ID and Routing are correct. Searching % wildcard will result in all operations.


3.Select the operation.


4.Now look at the Activity List tab to the right. If no activities have been entered, this will be blank.


You can modify the set-up of the columns in the Activities List by right-clicking and selecting Customize View. You may choose which fields are displayed or hidden, as well as rearrange the order of the field

5.When the worksheet is set up to your satisfaction, you can enter data by manually typing it in or by copying and pasting from an external source (i.e, Microsoft Excel). Make sure to enter the estimated time for each activity if you intend to use the Line Balancing Module. Fields that are slightly grayed out, like Status, ID and Type are not user-editable. When you Save, the non-user-editable fields will be populated.


6.The Operation Editor's Activity List is set up like a worksheet so that you can enter the bulk of an activity's information here. However, you will need to go to the Activity Editor to add calculated time studies, resources used, or parts consumed. You can find the activity in the Activity Editor by double clicking on the far left column of its row in the Operation Editor or by searching under the appropriate routing in the Activity Editor.

The next step is to create a precedence graph for the plant.