Customize View Enabled List

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Customize View Enabled List

List of controls that use the Customize View Control.

BOM Control

Import Module (All Sheets)

Activity List

Operation List Control

BOM Mass Editor

Activity Model/Option Mapping (Models and Options)

Activity Consumption Mapping

ECO BOM/Item Control

Models Module (Model and Rule sheets)

Item Properties Form (BOM and Item Modules)

Order Management Module

Custom Field Control

Standard MURI Operation Level Ergonomics

Item Balance Control

Activity Resource Control

Options Module (all sheets)

Station List Control

Work Schedule Form (all tabs)

Container Module (all tabs)

Locations Module (all tabs)

Methods Module (all tabs)

Part Plans Module

Suppliers Module (all tabs)

Time Estimation Module Calculated Time Task Sheet

Time Estimation Module Estimated Time

Time Estimation Module Task Summary (all sheets)

EM MURI Operation Level Ergonomics

ECO Header Control

Time Estimation Module Observed Time (all sheets)

Activity Observed Time (all sheets)