Automatic Model-Option Mapping

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Automatic Model-Option Mapping

The automatic model-option mapping routines map models and options to activities based on parts consumed by each activity. Several automatic routines are available in Assembly Planner as shown below.

Autobuild Model-Option Mapping by Orders

Autobuild Model-Option Mapping by BOM

Autobuild Model-Option Mapping by Parent Component

Please Consult Your Proplanner Representative for which you should use.


When you right-click on a routing checked out to you, depending on your system preferences, you will either see Autobuild Model-Option Mapping by Orders or Autobuild Model-Option Mapping by BOM. The main difference between the two is the 'by Orders' routine uses the orders to determine which models and options to map. Only models and options present in the selected order file will be mapped, even if others exist in the database. However, the 'by BOM' routine will map all models and options present in the database, regardless of whether an order file has been loaded.