Add Parent Components as Models

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Add Parent Components as Models

This feature can add many models to the Model Editor at once. If items and BOMs have been added to the Component Editor, you can identify which item IDs represent and match product model IDs, and add these IDs to the Model Editor automatically, instead of adding each of them manually. To do this:

1. Add/import items and/or BOMs to Assembly Planner.

2. Search for, open, and check out an Item whose ID matches a Model ID (typically used in product order files).

3. Open the Custom Fields tab of the Item and check the box in the 'Is Parent Component' field.

4. Save your changes and check in the Item.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all parent items that represent models.

6. Go to the Tools menu and select Add Parent Components as Models.

7. Go to the Model Editor to verify all Model IDs have been added properly.