Basic Searching

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Basic Searching

When the Component, Resource, Routing, Operation, or Activity Editors are opened, the search tool automatically appears.  In each editor except the Operation, you can type an ID and hit 'Enter' or click the Quick Find button to find the entity you're looking for.  For example, in the image below, the Component Editor has been opened, and the part with ID '300' has been searched for and found.  In the Operation Editor, you must define a Routing to search within, and then you have the option to search by Operation ID or OpSeqNo.

In the next section, there is an explanation of how to use wildcards to search for an entity when you do not know its exact ID.  In the following section, there is an explanation of how to use the Advanced Find feature, which allows you to search by nearly any property, not just an ID.

compquickfind w7


In the Activity Editor, you can customize the view of the search results list.  By Default, ID, Description, and PlantID are displayed.  You can right click on the search results window, and select Customize View, to add or remove fields to be displayed in the search window.  Please be aware that choosing to display fields not listed below may slow down the search for some databases. If you experience a significantly slower search when you add other fields to the view, you may contact your Proplanner representative to discuss possible ways to improve the speed of the searches with a customized view.



Routing Type

Plant ID


Group ID




Effective From Date

Effective To Date

Act Seq No

Work Center

Operator ID

Checkout User UID

Parent Checkout User UID